Bicycle Brake Pads Standard Compound - Avid SRAM


  • Avid Trail 7 All Years
  • Avid Trail 9 All Years
  • Avid Trail X0 All Years
  • SRAM G2 All Years
  • SRAM Guide Ultimate All Years
  • SRAM Guide-R All Years
  • SRAM Guide-RS All Years
  • SRAM Guide-RSC All Years
  • SRAM Guide-T All Years

Bicycle Brake Pads Standard Compound



The Standard Bicycle compound by Galfer USA is a moderate-use pad with a similar feel to an OEM brake pad. This pad has a strong durability in most riding conditions.

Best Use

This pad was designed for recreational to moderate use. We generally recommend this pad for road bike use, and moderate trail riding use.