Richie Morris Racing signs Sandriana Shipman

by Galfer USA

The GalferUSA-supported Richie Morris Racing team has announced their newest team member to compete in American Flat Track racing.

Sandriana Shipman will make her AFT Singles comeback on Honda CRF450Rs at Harley-Davidson Williams Grove Half-Mile by Appalachian HD on Sept. 8

Richie Morris Racing (RMR) has signed AFT Singles competitor Sandriana Shipman for the remainder of the 2018 American Flat Track Season.

Shipman, who’s displayed flashes of speed in her relatively short professional flat track career, will ride Honda CRF450R machinery alongside current series runner-up Ryan Wells. The 23-year old will make her comeback to AFT Singles competition at the Harley-Davidson Williams Grove Half-Mile presented by Appalachian Harley-Davidson on September 8.

“Sandriana has shown serious speed in the past," said RMR chief Richie Morris, "and putting her on a competitive motorcycle with the correct set-up and team could be just what she needs. We’re not rushing her; she’ll need some time to get comfortable on the bike and with the team. But we’re confident in her!

“She’s also the only other racer I know who has more metal in her body than me … and that’s bad-ass! She understands the RMR vision and we look forward to working with her. It’ll be nice to watch her grow as a racer and a professional as she fulfills her dreams and passions. Hopefully, RMR can be a small part in getting her there.”

“I’d like to thank Richie and the Richie Morris Racing/Al Lamb Dallas Honda team for offering me the opportunity to showcase my potential during my return to AFT racing at Williams Grove on September 8th,” said Shipman. “It’s been a difficult recovery after my crash and injuries at Texas, but I’m healthy and feel more than ready to get back to doing what I love – and proving I’m a contender in the AFT Singles class. I know that Richie and the RMR team have a great package and we’ve got like-minded goals. With some testing I’m confident in our potential!”

Shipman made a surprisingly quick comeback from her injuries, and has been seen at recent AFT races looking healthy and ready to go. “I’ve been riding for a month,” Shipman said, “and I’m feeling like my old self.”