HEP MOTORSPORTS: A2 Supercross recap

by Galfer USA

Anaheim 2 brought us our first Triple Crown of the 2019 Monster Energy AMA Supercross series. The weekend started later than usual with no press Friday due to poor weather conditions from the previous week. This lead to the track being kept under tarp until Saturday to guarantee good race conditions. Friday night was spent at Del Amo Motorsports. The autograph signing had another packed crowd making the event a success. One major takeaway from Saturday was Alex Ray qualifying in the top 18 for the Triple Crown, with his best finish coming in the second main in 17th place.

Kyle Chisholm #11 – It was a rough day, missing the top 18 by a few positions, he was forced to fight his way through the LCQ. In the LCQ Kyle got off to a great start, carrying a lot of speed into the first corner he clipped his front tire with another rider flinging him into the air and lunching him into another bike. Fortunately; Kyle was okay and able to walk away from the crash, he only suffered minor bruising with a hurt arm, expect to see Kyle next weekend in Oakland, California. 

Alex Ray #62 – Qualifying in the top 18, it was a great start to the day. Alex raced very well in qualifiers posting fast lap times that put him into the nights Triple Crown. In the first main A-Ray got a good start that put him mid-pack, unfortunately he took a fall in the whoops that costed him a few positions, he finished in 18th. It was his second main that we saw his best performance, getting out to another good start he raced very competitively finishing in 17th place. The third main things did not go as plan; with a bad jump off the gate, he was forced to fight his way from the back of the pack. Only eight laps in Alex went down and his bike locked up forcing him to make an early exit. He finished the night in 20th place overall. Look for him to carry this momentum into Oakland this weekend.


Adam Enticknap #97 – It was a rough day for Seven Deuce, missing the top 18 in qualifiers he was forced to race the LCQ. In the LCQ, Adam got out to a great start jumping to the front of the pack. Unfortunately, in the second turn he went down after coming tangled with another rider effectively ending his night. Being right on the cusp of the top 18, look for Adam to make that push next weekend in Oakland.

The 2019 Monster Energy AMA Supercross series is headed to Oakland, California. After a rough weekend for Kyle Chisholm and Adam Enticknap, expect to see them turn it around this weekend as they both are hungry for main events. Look for Alex Ray to continue making main events and racing competitively.