Real Review: Danny Fendler tests GalferUSA bicycle braking systems

by Galfer USA

We wanted to put some of the products we so firmly believe in in the hands of athletes and riders who aren't sponsored or biased. We want REAL REVIEWS.

We found Danny Fendler (@dannyfendler) on Instagram, and asked him if he would be willing to try our product out and make a video of what he thought.

Danny is using a Galfer USA 203mm floating Wave rotor (DB004FLW) on both the front and rear of his 2017 GT Fury Pro 27.5. This rotor is made of laser cut 420 virgin stainless steel. For brake pads, Danny is running our Standard Brake Pad compound (BFD426G1053). The 1053 compound is a general step up from an OEM compound, and is a little more soft/progressive than our Pro compound.

This is his review video:

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