How To Measure Custom Brake Lines

by Galfer USA

Did you know that Galfer USA offers custom brake line kits? If you don’t find what you need for your bike on our website, all you need to do is submit the measurements for your bike and Galfer USA will build you a custom kit.

Here are a few tips and tricks to make sure you get the right kit the first time:

What You Need Before You Measure

  1. A way to get the front end of your bike in the air.

- Make sure you un-weight the front suspension of the bike before you take any measurements. 

  1. Pen and paper.
  2. Permanent marker.
  3. Something to measure with (We recommend old heavy-gauge speaker wire, fuel hose, or a spare brake line).
  1. Zip ties or tape.


 How To Measure

  1. Once the front end of the bike is in the air, take a careful look at the fittings that are used:

Check the banjos at the master cylinder and at the caliper.

Find the banjo that Galfer USA offers (pictured on the custom form) that most closely replicates what you have on the bike.


  1. Look at how you want the lines routed - based on your preferences, what parts you have installed on the bike, and what will work best.

- Follow the routing of the existing lines (if you have them) with whatever you’re using to measure. If you don’t have existing lines, route the hose up to the master cylinder in a way that clears everything with full lock on the steering and with full suspension movement.

3. Mark the line at the center of the banjo bolt

- All fittings will be measured center to center of the banjo fittings.

4. Remove hose or whatever measuring device you have, lay it next to a tape measure and record the data on our custom form.


If you’re ready to order your custom kit, follow this link to our custom order form.


 How to measure motorcycle brake lines from GalferUSA on Vimeo.

Need help picking a kit?

Check out some of the custom brake line kit options we offer.

Sportbike Kits

Stainless Steel Lines: Improve vehicle’s braking performance, firm-up lever feel, firm-up spongy feel of the bike from old brake lines

1. Galfer 2 Line Kit for Sportbikes (Standard 2 Line Kit):

  • Most popular and most simple kit
  • Run 2 lines from master cylinder to each individual caliper
  • Can be built in a variety of colors: banjo fitting colors, hose colors, add or subtract length for your needs

2. Galfer GP Style Kit (GP Series):

  • Race inspired kit
  • Single line from the master cylinder
  • Line splits at the lower triple clamp
  • Routes around the front of the fork legs (similar to what you see on moto gp bikes)
  • Gives race inspired look on your bike
  • Works the same as the Standard 2 Line kit

3. Galfer Superbike Line Kit (Superbike Series):

  • Instead of using traditional banjo fittings at the calipers, thread these straight into the caliper
  • Gives better flow, better feedback in the lever, and a better overall performing system
  • For track only applications