by Galfer USA


The most technologically advanced rotor blade design we have ever made is here for Harley Davidson Motorcycles!!!

We have 5 part numbers available for pre order. They fit most popular standard Harley 5-hole hub mount applications.

DF680Q – 11.5in Standard 5 Bolt Hub Mount Front Rotor (2000-2014 Mid-Sized)
DF681Q – 11.5in Standard 5 Bolt Hub Mount Rear Rotor (2000-2018 Mid-Sized)
DF835Q – 11.8in Standard 5 Bolt Hub Mount Front Rotor (2006-2019 Touring)

DF836Q – 11.8in Standard 5 Bolt Hub Mount Rear Rotor (2006-2019 Touring)
DF724Q – 260mm Standard 5 Bolt Hub Mount Rear Rotor (2008-2018 Sportster)

Braking technology relies on science to find the right shapes and materials to help bikes stop better, and Galfer USA is offering an advanced science course with its NEW CUBIQ® Rotor.


The CUBIQ®’s braking disk even looks like something you might see in a science textbook since its shape resembles the crystalline structure of steel molecules. The hexagon styling wasn’t designed that way for looks. The BRAND NEW CUBIQ® is lighter and better performing than any rotor we have ever made.


The CUBIQ®’s design is a natural evolution of our famous Wave® rotor. This latest design reflects the increased power and size of modern motorcycles: as bikes become more capable, the braking system has to be up to the challenge.


This increase in the size and capability of motorcycles has certainly been seen in the V-twin market, and the CUBIQ® rotor is now available in a wide range of Harley-Davidson applications. Get yours today!!!