All-New Disc Shark Rotor

by Galfer USA
The moment you've all been waiting for, the Disc Shark Rotors are here! We've made a lot of hype to get you guys excited and for the past few months many of you have been anxiously awaiting these one of kind rotors. The wait is over and the time to upgrade your bike is now!

GalferUSA Bike dropped its innovative fixed version of the Disc Shark®, the most complete MTB brake disc available today. Its innovative manufacturing process uses laser cutting to create the optimal design geometry and achieve the best possible performance. One of the disc’s unique characteristics is the inner fin that gives it its name: Disc Shark®. These fins, together with the rotor’s small internal round holes allow the operating temperature of the disc to be reduced, while the rotor’s exterior Wave design and lateral openings give it a powerful and homogeneous grip over the full contact area of the brake pad.

Designed and made for highly skill leveled mountain and gravel biking enthusiasts.

Key Main Features:
  • Greater Braking Power
  • More Stability
  • Lower Operating Temperatures
  • Longer Brake Pad Life
  • Lighter Disc

  • Part Numbers and Available Sizes:
  • DB023W 180mm Click to buy
  • DB024W 203mm Click to buy
  • DB027W 223mm Click to buy

  • Sponsored Athlete Testimonial
    One of our sponsored Athletes (@tmaskaly_15) on the PygaUSA team has been racing in the California Enduro Series this summer testing out our all-new rotors, here's what he has to say about them. "After running the Galfer Disc Shark rotors for a few months now, I can't go back to any standard rotors. I've spent a lot of time on the Galfer floating and non-floating wave rotors, I feel that great improvements have been made in the disc sharks. While running the disc sharks I have experienced more power while braking and no fading caused by heat. Overall, I've put these rotors to the test over the last few months and I'm stoked to see what everyone else thinks of them!"

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