Ceramic HH Race Compound - Honda


  • Honda CB 1000 R 2011-2016
  • Honda CB 1100 2013-2014
  • Honda CBR 600 RR 2005-2017
  • Honda CBR 600 RR ABS 2009-2017
  • Honda CBR 1000 RR 2004-2016
  • Honda CBR 1000 RR C-ABS 2009-2016
  • Honda Crossrunner X 2015

Ceramic HH Race Compound



Our ceramic HH race composite brake pad, designed specifically for track use. Excellent feel and modulation, this sintered pad compound is built for moderately aggressive every day and sport street use. Ceramic coated backing plate to assist with temperature management and help dissipate heat. Best heat recovery and easy on the ro

Best Use

Made for race use only.