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Replacement Lever ACCOSSATO

Replacement Lever ACCOSSATO

Part #: 6016.52L.18-RED
Application: Replacement Lever
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ACCOSSATO - Replacement Lever - #6016.52L.18-RED

Red Replacement Short Folding Brake Lever - 18

Accossato replacement levers are available in either long (standard) or short lengths, with folding or non-folding levers. 3 different leverage ratios: 16mm, 18mm, and 20mm will provide varying amounts of lever travel, required effort and modulation for fine tuning the feel of your Accossato master cylinder. 16mm is low effort with a long lever stroke, 18mm is medium effort with a medium lever stroke (most popular), and 20mm is higher effort with a short lever stroke. Please contact the Galfer tech department if you need help selecting the best lever or master cylinder application for your motorcycle.

Galfer Part #6016.52L.18-RED
Replacement Lever ACCOSSATO
Application Replacement Lever
Part #: 6016.52L.18-RED
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