Custom Line Builder Customized Line Kits from Galfer

Don't see a Galfer part number for your application? Need to modify our line specs for taller bars, different master cylinder, or calipers? Building a custom bike with a different front end?

Galfer USA's Custom Brake Line Builder is the answer! Pick brake line colors, fittings, fitting colors, lengths, and configuration. All brake lines are built to order at our US facility in Carson City, NV (typically in 4 - 6 business days). If you need tips on our custom line order sheet, or how to measure your brake lines and select fittings, check out the videos below! If you still have questions or don't see the fittings you need? Please feel free to CONTACT US at any time.

How to Measure Brake Lines

Click on the desired kit below to download your custom order form.

Choose line configuration, lengths, fittings, colors, and HW NOTE: Downloading form will allow you to fill it in electronically.